Get an Anti Virus Online to Protect your Computer


Many people either don't have the money or don't have any interest in installing an anti virus or anti spyware program. While I feel that that is a mistake, an online scan can make a good alternative. You just have to use the right online scan. Check out the 4 online scans I recommend.


BitDefender is an amazing online anti virus scan. I found that it is equally effective, if not more so, than the AVG Free I run. My biggest complain about it is it gets plenty of false positives. False positives are when it thinks something is a virus, but it isn't actually a virus. Your average user probably won't see this problem too much, because you won't have nearly as much stuff on your computer as I do. Overall, I believe BitDefender is the best online scan out there.


Another good online virus scan. HouseCall has been around for a long time and a lot of people like it. I believe it is also very good, but I like BitDefender a bit more.


I love Panda's anti virus. I believe Panda anti virus is the only anti virus truly worth paying for. It's an absolute beast. That said, I'm not as sure about their online scan, mainly because I can't try it. It currently isn't compatible with Windows Vista, so I'm out of luck. They plan on changing that soon. Still, if it's anywhere near as good as their program's scan, it'll be a very good one to try.


Ewido is the only online spyware scan I can recommend. I found Ewido to actually be MORE effective than the standard programs I was running. Even after running those programs, Ewido still found more stuff, some things as serious as Trojan horses! Definitely run Ewido.

I highly suggest running at least one of the virus scans and Ewido about once every week or two, even if you have programs installed for those jobs. A free second opinion never hurt anyone.


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